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About Brieep

Brieep is an accessible platform. People are made aware of contemporary challenges in a modern way. Through the use of gamification techniques, people are engaged and development and behavior changes are stimulated. Participants can make their own choices in their development journey by completing the missions. These missions are designed in such a way that behavioral change is effectively facilitated. Results are visible and measurable and participants are rewarded for their efforts. They can use the accumulated experience points for training / education and / or other incentives that contribute to the desired change or development.

The history of Brieep

6 years ago, the thinking lab at Lenard and Lenard started an ambitious project to answer the following concrete questions: how do we make self-development fun, relevant, affordable and measurable? How do we positively engange people? How do we make knowledge and facts accessible to as many people as possible worldwide? This project was the start of Brieep.


Brieep has the ambition to make knowledge and content accessible in such a way that people learn and develop in an enjoyable manner. When people have more knowledge, facts and content, they can make better choices for themselves and therefore also for society. People will take better care of themselves and each other on their own initiative and thus contribute to a healthier society and world.


We believe that spreading knowledge and content makes for a better, healthier world. We give people insight into and access tof acts, so they can separate sense from nonsense. Reason, in combination with empathy then form the base of choices. Thus we enable people to sustainably engage with themselves, society and the planet.


We prepare a business case for each trajectory. Only after it appears that the business case will be sufficiently lucrative, will we propose to a client that they implement the business case. After the business case is approved, the specific functionalities are uploaded in the specially designed environment. We use our previous experiences and the previously developed functionalities. Together we organize the missions aimed at achieving the goals set.


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