In collaboration with the market leaders in cyber security and money laundering, Lenard and Lenard has developed a unique (prevention) program that uses the Brieep platform.

This program ensures that employees behave safely and in full compliance with the Wwft (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act). 

How do we apply this?

The Brieep platform is set up on a customized basis. First, the current level of the organization is determined: how safely do employees act when it comes to (business) information? To what extent does the organization comply with the Wwft (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act)?

It is then determined which objective(s) must ultimately be met. Based on this, the missions are drawn up. All are aimed at achieving the objective(s). Each individual employee goes through the necessary missions based on their own intrinsic motivation. 

These missions are continuously adjusted and expanded during the process. They are used to put individuals, teams, departments and the entire organization into action in a fun, manageable way. 

Brieep offers real time insight in the progress and can be adjusted where needed to reach the set objectives.


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